Support to Dairy Co-op. Society


Tribal Area sub plan office & District Rural Development Agency provide financial help @ 75% & 50% respectively to beneficiary societies.After establishment of rural level milk co –operative society, Electronic milk Tester machine is the first   requirement of society. milk societies are getting Govt. aids @ 50% i.e. Rs. 15000/- from DRDA in the BPL membership is > 50%.  The unit cost of MTM is around Rs,30,000/- which includes Electronic milko tester machine, stebilizer, wooden cabinet, canvass bag , testing equipments, chemical bottles, testing powder and training package.

At least 200-250 milk samples can be tested within one hour of time.
it give more satisfaction to milk producer members as, the fat% of milk is being displayed onmachine.
Pass book is prepared on the basis of fat% & member can easily know the quality of milk and actual return of milk poured.
It will save the time of testing the milk samples and also save the time of producer members, and society too.
More transparency of society business can be achieved.


After attaining the milestone of > 300 liters of milk collection, construction of milk collection centre (Dudhghar) is  the prime necessity of society. Societies, Which are having better financial position, they are constructing milk collection centres   from their own financial resource. While the financially weak societies seek financial assistance to avail this facility.  Usually TASP, DPA and DRDA provide financial help to construct society building. TASP: 75 % of Total outlay Max,(2,00,000) DPB : Maximum 1,50,000(75%) except Kalol Block (50%) DRDA : Maximum Rs.60,000/- Panchmahal milk union provide the essential data required  to submitting the proposal vis, Land ownership record of society, society contribution, resolutions from societies, milk collection data list, BPL /Tribal milk producer members list, Detail plan estimates counter sighed by Road & Building  dept, Administrative guidance is received through Govt. Agencies . After completion of society building construction milk union provides financial help, as follows.

up to 2,00,000 Cost
exp. =Rs. 10,000
>2,00,000 to 3,00,000
exp. =Rs. 20,000 Cost
3,00,000 to 6,00,000
exp. =Rs. 25,000 Cost
>6,00,000  Cost
EXP.=Rs. 30,000
All the peoples residing in the village can pour milk at one place, without any caste differences.
Management committee members can sit on monthly basis to discuss society progress & future strategies.
All the members can sit to gather for general meeting to discuss their annual progress & general issues, policy matters.
Morning & Evening through out the year, irrespective of odd seasons i.e. monsoon, winter, summer they can  pour milk at one common  place.
Every 10 days they can get their returns  through Banks at rural level.
Milk collection Centre provides common marketing Centre for milk they produced at rural level only.
Society building provide “ Sense of ownership  cum   belongingness” – A common property of villagers.

Computerized automatic milk weighing fat testing system (AMCS).

After attaining the milk collection capacity of more then 500 Liters. milk co-operative society demands for AMCS system. Complete system consist of electronic milko tester machine having facility of data transfer switch, CPU, Colour Monitor , weighing balance having capacity of 120 kgs, display unit, Training package. Panchmahal milk union helps societies, to get financial assistance 75% from TASP for tribal area societies and 50% from DRDA for societies who are having > 50% of BPL membership and 700 liters of daily milk collection.

It is the transparent & faithful modern advanced system at rural level.
Milk producer members get receipt indicating quantity of milk poured, fat content of the milk, price of milk poured, their code number, day, time information.



Panchmahal Milk Union, in collaboration with District Rural Development Agency, Godhra have established village level Bulk Milk chilling units having chilling capacity of 2000 LPD. As on 31st March-2006 Milk union has installed Totally 35 BMCU in milk shed areas by providing financial help  of Rs.1,25,000/society under SGSY scheme & Rs.2,00,000/ society under RSVY scheme. Remaining loan is made available by milk union. /NDDB office. Raw Milk is collected at society and chilling at 4°c temp. After 24 hours collected  milk is brought at main dairy plant though Road milk tanker. Raw Milk is collected at society and chilling at 4°c temp. After 24 hours collected  milk is brought at main dairy plant though Road milk tanker.

Improvement of raw milk quality.
No problem of milk sourage at society at society level.
High return of milk to milk producer members.
No use of cans, will reduce the transport cost of milk unions.
No problem of milk thefts in between road during transportation.


Panchmahal milk union has established  BMCU on community based system, at Shivrajpur (Halol), Dhanpur (Limkheda), Kharedi(Dahod) in tribal area where the milk co-operative societies milk is brought through smaller route vehicle facility at chilling unit site & letter on brought to main dairy plant at Godhra.


Due to lack of continuous flow of electricity at rural level, and repeated demands of its alternatives, Panchmahal milk union has initiated the implementation of Solar schemes in collaboration with GEDA, Vadodara MNES, New Delhi.  

Aditya Solar Shop
Solar power generating system
Home lighting system
Solar lanterns
Solar water pump
Solar street light
Solar sprinkler unit for Cattle shed.
Milk union established “ Aditya Solar Shop” with finical collaboration from MNES, New Delhi and technical guidance units from GEDA, Vadodara. shop is having display units cum solar demonstration viz, solar lanterns, solar cookers, windmill, Home lighting system, Solar power generating system, Solar heater system, Solar drier, Solar street light etc.
At present about 375 milk societies are equiped either with solar home light system or solar power generating system.