Future Plans

Our Future Plans
  • A separate milk packaging section (with cold rooms) having a capacity of pasteurizing 3 lakh liters of milk per day will be constructed.

  • Setting bulk milk coolers at more 45 co­operativesocieties.

  • Enhancing the production capacityofcattle feed factory.

  • Construction of more one hundred Dudh Chars.Helping the milk producers to set up about 200 dairy farms with 25 to 30 cows/buffalos.

  • Planning to market liquid milk in the city of Mumbai
  • Planning for providing all the facilities required for clean milk production to co­operative dairies and milk producers.
  • Putting in special efforts for increasing milk productivity by gearing up Fertility Improvement Programme (FIP) and Field Progeny Testing Programme (DIPA)
  • Implementation of animal Productivity Enhancement Programme (PEP) atthe co­operative societies covered under Fertility Improvement Programme (FIP) with the help of Gujarat Co- operative Milk Marketing Federation.
  • Changing the present animal health service system for improving the quality of veterinary health service connecting all the veterinary centers through a computer network.
  • Preparing special calf-starterforcalves. Arranging for a new administrative section andagodowns at the milk union.
  • Constructing a check dam near the cattle feed factory at Khandiya village of Shahera taluka, under Sander Sahbhagi Jal Sanchay Scheme for managing water resources.