Milk Marketing

Milk Marketing System

  • Our milk marketing system is very simple. We have tried our best to eliminate cost bearing multi tier distribution system. We are appointing milk distribution agents directly under our control at our desired place. Milk is distributed to such 275 agents twice a day through our hired vehicles.
  • These distribution agents use the concept of home delivery and deliver milk house to house in morning and evening. Also they sell milk on the designated spot at the vicinity of the consumers.
  • Agents are appointed after thorough investigation of their profile, area survey, and then after through a comprehensive contract, agency is offered. The fixed amount is also taken as a deposit for security against which the interest is paid. The deposit amount serves as the security fund and is paid back to the agent on completion of his contract with the interest.
  • The union gives one-day credit to the milk distributors. They have to deposit the sales amount to the cash collection offices located at Dahod, Godhra, Lunawada, and Halol. Rests have to deposit the amount in the designated bank in our non-operative account, and finally tallied with bank statement.

Market Coverage

We have tried and succeeded in covering all most  all urban areas within Panchmahal and Dahod districts. Also we have covered areas of nearby districts and neighboring states of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. 

Market Share

We are market leader in our area of operation as far as sale of our products are concerned. Our market share is more than 70%.  No big competitor exists in the market, which shows the faith of our customers in our products and services.

Marketing Activity

  • As a part of our marketing activity, we are in continuous touch with the market and consumers. Time to Time various activities like new area surveys, consumers surveys, customers complaint redressal are done by our specially trained staff to know consumers expectations, needs and problems.
  • The school students are exposed to the structure, quality of the products and the services of the organization during their study tours. The awareness  programmes  are also organized on request from the principals of the schools for the students, where our dairy experts visit different schools and try to educate the children regarding importance of milk consumption and how the pasteurized dairy milk is better than other locally available cheap loose milk.
  • From time to time educational booklets, leaflets, banners, hoarding advertisements through the newspaper and magazines etc are done to make the consumers aware for healthy living.