Supervision & Audit

Supervision of Primary Milk co-operative societies is being carried out by the identified, qualified trained employees of the milk union. The supervision staff has 3 to 4 cadres as per their qualification and experience. They help the dairy co-operative to function as per bylaws and rules-regulations. They help in maintaining the administrative and financial activities of Dairy co-operative societies. The supervision staff of the milk union helps the producer member in adopting the ideal Animal Husbandry practices including ideal breeding, feeding and management. They also help in organization of new primary co-operative societies at village level. The staff which is engaged often in various activities like surveys, awareness meetings, project implementation activities, society strengthening activities and milk production enhancement program. They usually complement and co-operate with the audit staff of the milk union.

Supervision and Audit committee / Audit board has been constituted as per Section 95 and rule  39-A of Gujarat State Co-Op. Societies Act 1961 in July 1981As per the agreement between Government of Gujarat and then IDC for implementation of Operation Flood, the committee is empowered to carry out audit activities of societies and unions. The Board has engaged around 580 personnel of various cadres to carry out the task. It functions through various district level Milk Audit Office (MAO) Members of the audit board meet annually and review the progress of the audit. The milk union audit is carried out quarterly/half yearly /yearly depending upon the turnover of the milk co-operative. System of the audit and re-audit also exist.