For Food Processing company a pure;  safe and wholesome food must be the minimum standard for consumer acceptance. There should be a protective control of Food Safety at all stages from production to consumption. The HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is a scientifically designed Food Safety Management System; which systematically identifies specific hazards and provides measures for their control to ensure safety of food.

HACCP-addresses all types of hazards Microbiological; Physical and Chemical. It requires use of risk-based decision making in identifying significant hazards & establishing critical limits for monitoring and ensuring safety. It is a proactive system for assuring safe production and delivery of foods.

HACCP System emphasizes on prevention rather than inspection. The system has international acceptance. To produce a necessary and effective HACCP Plan; the organization has appointed a HACCP team; including personnel from all the relevant operations and functions. All of them were imparted the HACCP training.

The HACCP team has prepared the separate HACCP plans for the various milk products; being manufactured by the organization which include Pouch milk, Ghee, Table Butter Milk Powders; Sour Butter Milk & Gulab Jamun Mix. The team  has identified the standard steps of the process for all these products; recording the possible chemical, physical or microbiological hazards.

For each process stage; a separate hazard analysis is done. The control measures for each stage of the process are identified; with their critical limits. To show the suitability of these limits; the critical control points are monitored under documented  schedule. The preventive and corrective actions have to be suitable, prompt and an effective remedial action; which are recorded . The HACCP system is reviewed regularly; for verification of the processes. HACCP audit is carried out with ISO audit schedule. The milk union has been sustaining compliance with the new revised standards of Codex HACCP 9000:2002, since the year 2000. The Synergy between these standards assures synchronized control of all elements in food chain ensuring considerably safe; healthy and superior quality dairy and food products.