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Flow Chart
Raw material purchase (Procedure of purchase from H.Q.)
Raw Material Receive at factory weighing at Factory weigh bridge

Unloading, Sample collection for lab testing & stacking at Raw Material Godown (Records kept all raw mat. godown)

Raw material in bins by dumping in conveyor & bin filling.

Computerized Batching as per formula
(Formula is prepared considering necessary points and fed in to computer)

Grinding in Hammer mill

batch mixing in batch mixer

Molasses & steam mixing

Pelleting in pellet machine

Cooling of pellet in pellet cooler

Sieving of pallet in pellet sieve

Samples collection for lab testing, Packing of bag by automatic packing machine.
Bags are stamped with code no.

Stacking of bags in finish product godown

Dispatch of bags as per demand of societies
(Marketing department provides Dispatch instruction)

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