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Future Plans
A separate milk packaging section (with cold rooms) having a capacity of pasteurizing 3 lakh liters of milk per day will be constructed.
Setting bulk milk coolers at more 45 co­operativesocieties.
Enhancing the production capacityofcattle feed factory.

Construction of more one hundred Dudh Chars.

Helping the milk producers to set up about 200 dairy farms with 25 to 30 cows/buffalos.
Planning to market liquid milk in the city of Mumbai
Planning for providing all the facilities required for clean milk production to co­operative dairies and milk producers.

Putting in special efforts for increasing milk productivity by gearing up Fertility Improvement Programme (FIP) and Field Progeny Testing Programme (DIPA)

Implementation of animal Productivity Enhancement Programme (PEP) atthe co­operative societies covered under Fertility Improvement Programme (FIP) with the help of Gujarat Co- operative Milk Marketing Federation.

Changing the present animal health service system for improving the quality of veterinary health service connecting all the veterinary centers through a computer network.
Preparing special calf-starterforcalves.
Arranging for a new administrative section andagodowns at the milk union.

Constructing a check dam near the cattle feed factory at Khandiya village of Shahera taluka, under Sander Sahbhagi Jal Sanchay Scheme for managing water resources.